Customers, Partners and Memberships in the Industry

Our Engineering Experience Turns Projects into Success Stories

Our customers are typically enterprises in the following sectors

  • mechanical engineering
  • splicing
  • joining
  • precision
  • ventilation, air-conditioning
  • medical
  • lighting
  • telecommunications technology
  • and aerospace technology.

Whether you are an established enterprise, an engineering office, a start-up or a project office, we will be there by your side as a well-established manufacturing partner, backed up by many years of experience in engineering, implementation and project management.

Many of our projects are confidential and subject to non-disclosure agreements. Some selected projects and case studies you can read here:

Projekte und Referenzen


Many telecommunication providers use products made by Corning Optical Communications that feature a variety of optical fiber solutions for communications networks. As a certified Corning level-A partner, WALO – TL manufactures and distributes replacement parts for splicers and cleavers. In addition, WALO – TL offers service, calibration and repairs for the entire Corning splicer and cleaver portfolio in the EMEA region.


When NEO/CRAFT designer Sebastian Scherer was developing the mechatronics elements and ceiling suspension bracket for the award-winning OLED globe lamp, he decided to cooperate with WALO – TL because of our long-standing experience in optimizing serial productions.
What a result! WALO – TL’s know-how in manufacturing and assembly brings IRIS’s technological details and its visual elegance to perfection. All the electronics inside are now hidden in a small but elegant socket. WALO – TL also developed the customer-friendly ceiling suspension bracket and a suitable transport device for the delicate globes that are up to 50 cm in size. More about our lighting technology…


PE.fiberoptics Ltd specializes in measurement equipment for the production environments of optical fibers. The original Corning Cleaver FBC-005, made by WALO – TL which yields a top quality cleaved end image, perfectly complements their production portfolio. This is why WALO – TL supplies these products to UK-based PE.fiberoptics. More about PE.fiberoptics…


OLEDWorks relies on WALO – TL as its development partner for OLED applications. WALO – TL won over the company with its competence in precision-mechanical work and electronics, combined with its proven experience in bringing OLED lighting products on the market. Both companies focus on developing OLED lamps, in particular due to the fact that OLED lamps offer pleasant, homogeneous and glare-free lighting, which is in demand for many applications. More about OLEDWorks…

Prinz Optics Logo

Prinz Optics GmbH is the new supplier for WALO – TL. The company, specializing in ultra-thin glass coatings, applies the dichroic layer on the crystal globes. It is this color filter that creates the special iridescent light effect of the IRIS OLED lamp. More about Prinz Optics…

Glasmanufaktur Poschinger Logo

The glass manufacturing company Freiherr von Poschinger is our production partner for the hand-blown crystal globes of the OLED lamp IRIS. WALO – TL relies on the know-how of the specialist for these high-quality glass ball lamps that are still manufactured by hand today. Once a dichroic layer has been applied to the glass ball lamps, WALO – TL fits them with an OLED module and a ceiling suspension bracket made of light metal, packages them according to specific requirements and ships them to destinations worldwide. More about Glasmanufaktur Poschinger…


Corpuls devices made by GS Elektromedizinische Geräte G. Stemple GmbH are used in emergency and intensive-care medicine worldwide. As emergency rescue services and physicians around the globe rely on Corpuls, the manufacturer entrusted WALO – TL with producing and assembling its mechatronic components. More about our Mechatronics Solutions…


The company KARL MAYER, run by the owners, is a world market leader in warp knitting machines and offers cutting-edge technology for the textile industry. WALO – TL manufactures and assembles mechanical components, individual parts and assembly groups for the innovative textile machines made by this international company with German roots.


Canada-based company Doers is a service and repair center for splicers and cleavers in North America. WALO – TL supplies Doers with original replacement parts for Corning splicers and cleavers and other Corning accessories. More about Doers…

OLED Licht Forum Logo

As a founding member of OLED Licht Forum it is our aim to foster the OLED lighting technology and to develop and utilize OLED as a sustainable light source for a variety of applications. The forum bundles the experience and interest in science, development and technology. lt serves as contact point for all relevant information on OLED light technology. The OLED Licht Forum is dedicated to facilitate the exchange of experience and generate technical progress in OLED light, e.g. through the organization of lectures, courses, visits and working groups.

Read more about us on the website OLED Licht Forum.

Discover OLED lamps by WALO – TL such as the OLED floor lamps, workplace illuminators, and pendant lamps WALOSPRING und WALOSUMMER  as well as cooperation projects.