About us: Philosophy, Quality and Certification

We Work Hard to Take Care of You

WALO – TL values

Our guiding principles


Experience: We respond to the challenges in mechatronics with managerial competence, expertise and ingenuity.

Efficiency: We are able to reduce the number of interfaces for our customers and increase freedom to invest.

Reputable Entrepreneurship: We impress with our commitment to quality, to delivery reliability and to cost optimization.

We at WALO – TL live out these three guiding principles. They inform our every project, our every step we take for our customers. This is what we measure ourselves against.

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History of the Company

From spin-off to industry insider


In 2009, Andreas Wanzke and Lothar Löf founded WALO – TL GmbH to offer technical solutions in mechanical engineering. After many years in high-level positions at international industrial corporations, both CEOs felt the desire to meet the challenge of providing individualized solutions to the specialty markets of mechatronics, lighting technology and optical fibre technology.

At present, 15 employees (and growing) are committed to our customers.

We manufacture and distribute replacement parts for splicers and cleavers of the US-based corporation Corning, as well as providing service and repairs for customers in the EMEA region. Moreover, we design and develop OLED and LED applications for renowned manufacturers of lighting technology.

Our Philosophy

What to expect from us


We see ourselves as being providers of parts, products and equipment in the mechatronics, lighting technology and optical fiber technology. We are able to offer our customers every service from product development, to production, up to and including logistics management.

Implementation occurs within a network of well-known suppliers and partners, ensuring that our customers receive the desired service with quality, for competitive prices and at the promised date. The operative execution in the product-oriented business and the technical services providing solutions in the machine and apparatus engineering sector stand front and center for us.

Quality and Certification

Our Quality Management


We have the DIN EN ISO 9001:2015  certificate. Our idea of quality encompasses our entire range of services and means for us at WALO – TL that we will do everything to meet our customers’ needs.

This is the mindset that we bring to the initial meeting, and we will always strive to live up to that until we have delivered your products in line with your specifications and on schedule.

We do this because the demand that we place on quality products and services safeguards our position in the market as well as our customers’. Read here some of our references.