Our Philosophy

Experience, Efficiency, Reputable Entrepreneurship

We see ourselves as being providers of parts, products and equipment in the mechanical and electromechanical sector. We are able to offer our customers every service from product development, to production, up to and including logistics management. Implementation occurs within a network of well-known suppliers and partners, ensuring that our customers receive the desired service with quality, for competitive prices and at the promised date. The operative execution in the product-oriented business and the brokering of technical services and know-how in providing solutions in the machine and apparatus engineering sector stand front and center for us.

  • Experience: We respond to the challenges in mechatronics with managerial competence, expertise and ingenuity.
  • Efficiency: We are able to reduce the number of interfaces for our customers and increase freedom to invest.
  • Reputable Entrepreneurship: We impress with our commitment to quality, to delivery reliability and to cost optimization.

We at WALO - TL live out these three guiding principles. They inform our every project, our every step we take for our customers. This is what we measure ourselves against.