Optical Fiber Technology

Optical Fiber Products and Services for the Telecommunications Industry 

Optical fiber applications are one of the fastest growing markets.

This is why WALO – TL offers telecommunications providers solutions for splicing technology (cleavers, splicers, splicing technology replacement parts) as well as accessories for optical-fiber installations. As a certified Level A partner of Corning, Inc., we manufacture and market replacement parts for splicers and cleavers. As your contact partner in EMEA, we also offer services and calibration for the encompassing Corning equipment.

Also, whenever your own equipment capacity is insufficient or you require a substitute for equipment that is being serviced, we are happy to offer you whatever you might need from our "rental and used equipment pool."

Service for Corning Splicers and Cleavers

The range of equipment we offer for splicing and cleaving processes encompasses thermal splicing technology for general field installation:

X60 Fuselite II
OptiSplice LID/ CDS
FBC005 / D6
X75 iLID / iCDS
OptiSplice OS/ OS2/ OS3 FBC006 / A8
X76 μLID / μCDS                
OptiSplice one FBC012 / D12
Vision CDS OptiSplice Ribbon  
  OptiSplice Quad  
    OptiSplice TS  

Furthermore, following products can be obtained from us:

Order Tool Kits for Installing UniCam Connectors from Us

Optical fiber customers may order the Corning UniCam® tool kit plus all connectors and accessories directly from WALO – TL. Fiber-optic connectivity providers value these convenient tool kits for the installation of UniCam connectors in telecommunications rooms, data centers and fiber-to-desk applications because they greatly facilitate installation.

Based on their convenient design and easy handling, these tool kits virtually eliminate human variability. An immediate go/no-go feedback signal provides unmistakable confirmation of a successful termination. For more information about fiber-optic connectivity as well as, UniCam® Tool Kits, connectors and accessories, go to the manufacturer’s website...
More products to follow soon. We are happy to discuss your specific needs with you before any purchase. Please contact us for more information.

FBC-006 Cleaver for the Telecommunications Industry

As an OEM partner for Corning Cable Systems, WALO – TL manufactures and sells the FBC-006 cleaver off-the-shelf to telecommunications customers all over the EMEA area. Besides, customers may have this cleaver model modified to their specific needs by WALO – TL. Contact us for customized manufacturing offers.

Based on its unsurpassed quality in cleaving precision, its break angle, the high quality of the fiber ends, its stable cleaving operation and simple maintenance, the FBC-006 cleaver is the first choice for optical-fiber installers. The exchangeable inlays and fiber guides of the FBC-006 allow a wide range of use for all optical fibers with a cladding diameter from 80 µm to 140 µm.


Thermal Stripper OptiSpliceTM TS for the Telecommunications Industry

As an OEM partner for Corning Cable Systems, WALO – TL manufactures the OptiSpliceTM stripper in serial production. Customers in the telecommunications and optical fiber industries use the OptiSpliceTM TS to remove the coating of optical-fiber cables.

The device is suitable for all optical fibers specified for the OptiSpliceTM Ribbon and OptiSpliceTM one splicers: Single-mode, multimode and NZDS fibers, glass diameters 125 μm with coating diameter 250 μm (single fibers up to 900 μm), single fibers or fiber ribbons (2-, 4-, 6-, 8- und 12-fiber ribbons).