OLED Lights, LED Lights and Lighting Technology

OLED and LED applications

The advantages of luminous diodes are obvious: High efficiency, and therefore economic operation, high-lumen output, easy, flexible and multi-purpose use due to small size. We design and develop OLED and LED applications for use in lighting technology, and our production ranges from prototypes to mass production. Examples are the OLED pendant lamp IRIS and the LED surface-mounted light MOVING LIGHT.
We will be more than happy to develop and manufacture any OLED and LED lighting applications tailored to your needs, please contact us.


For the designers NEO/CRAFT we developed an elaborate OLED module and a refined aluminum-made ceiling suspension bracket. A very small housing holds the control electronics, the suspension bracket for the globe that can weigh up to 8 kg, and a module for height adjustment. Our challenge consisted in the designer’s requirement to “hide” the technical insides of the lamp in a small and classy body. Moreover, a customer-friendly suspension and a suitable transport device had to be developed. Our team only needed three design iterations to come up with a housing measuring only 200 mm in diameter and 45 mm in height. IRIS can be electronically controlled and therefore integrates easily into any building management system, such as those compatible with DALI bus. IRIS is also made for home use – controlled by a push-button, it offers impressive lighting accents.




This rotating LED light was developed for effect and ambiance lighting in hotels, bars, lobbies, restaurants and trade fairs. This innovative LED lamp is an engineered symbiosis of mechatronics and LED technology that stands out by offering impressive optical light effects.